The Burning Issues of Oran

Under the community forestry the government has the responsibility of providing seedlings, fertilizer but the community has to take responsibility of protecting the trees. Some communities manage the plantations sensibly and in a sustainable manner so that the village continues to benefit. Both, the government and society have failed in their duties to manage the Orans as a natural resource for the community. Some of the problems are as under;

  1. Common land being everyone’s land is very easy to exploit.
  2. Absence of proper regulatory mechanism
  3. Lack of watch and ward Orans resulting in to degradation of grasses, cutting of trees causing overall loss of the vegetation
  4. Intensification of the pastoral activities
  5. Encrochments
  6. Construction of roads and other infrastructure
  7. Over the past decades large-scale planting of Prosopus Juliflora, as a fast-growing tree has been planted through various afforestation schemes in India. This initiative in fact has significantly contributed towards degradation of Orans.
  8. Environmental conditions
  9. Stocking densities
  10. Soil quality, and other ecological variables.
  11. Ambiguity in their form of authority and lacking a mandate among the disempowered members of the community,

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