Rejuvenation Plan of Oran of village Gudha Bhagwandas

Rejuvenation Plan

Study of available resources and biodiversity in light of the social beliefs, threats and factors responsible for biodiversity depletion of the Oran of village Gudha Bhagwandas, Tehsil-Khimsar, District-Nagaur (Rajasthan) will be the first step.  After careful consideration of outcome of the study conservation of Oran on following aspects will be carried out;

  1. Eradication of noxious vegetation
  2. Plantation of indigenous tree species
  3. Sustain planted trees through guarding and watering
  4. Tree improvisation (through grafting etc.)
  5. Grass plantation and stabilization
  6. Soil health improvement
  7. Water shed management

Resource Needs

Plant material (Procurement, Transporting, Planting)

Tree Guards

Watering (Transporting by tractor mounted tanks)

Levelling (Labourers,Tractor, other machines)

Trenching (


Watch and ward

Soil Reclamation (Gypsum, Farm Yard Manure)


Implementation Plan

Possible Outcome

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